Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Imagine this (Told by Ihsan)

One day, Two guys working on attachment at Royal Brunei Airline. Ihsan and Jeff sat as they watch the server like they do everyday. Then suddenly, the server broke……….
Ihsan: Boi ROSAK BOI
Jeff: Yah kan?
Ihsan: Awu cuba, kau liat, berasap tu
Jeff: awu ah, berasap ah
**silent in 5 minute**
Ihsan: Cuba kau liat belakang tu
Jeff: awu suda rusak tu
**still sitting down**
Ihsan: gambar eh
Jeff: bah
**Grab camera and take photos**
**silent in 5 mins**
Ihsan: Bah. Antar tia
Jeff: Bah.
**Jeff take out his lappy and send email to HOD to request help from the outsider**

They both live relax-ly and happily =D

Friday, 29 May 2009

STRESSED spelled backward is DESSERTS

Quote(s) for a day (All Mirul’s, Nothing but Mirul’s)

Jeff: Why is it so TINY?
Mirul: Kalau ya GIANT, jadi KADAI tia.

I got the solution……..You put water in the botel, That is the SOLUTION!(Chemistry)

Brunei chicks is the best!
You know why? AYAMKU!

Jeff: Create wireless wah!
Mirul: Just ambil WIRE…..then cut…cut…cut……NAH WIRELESS WAH!

Rif: Player VS Player Fan
Mirul: No, Player VS PlayBoy

Mirul: What are the two largest drink in the world?
Jeff: What?
Mirul: Pepsi and Sarsi
Jeff: Why?
Mirul: Because it is a SEA…….

Jeff: I can’t read your HANDWRITING!
Mirul: So read my TOE-WRITING!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Blog no.9: I'm bored!, let's make out.............


Rush: I'm emo!
Jeff: Why?
Rush: Cause I'm tired....
Jeff: You're Emo, cause You're Tired!
Rush: That's the way I am.......


Jeff: Have kan Rail Road in Belait?
Rif: Actually It's SHUT DOWN....
Mirul: No, It's HIBERNATING!

WHAT'S HAPPENING!?! (Arif sleepover with Ihsan, June and Hadi)

1. I didn't bring towel to arif house. So I use my UNDERWEAR as my towel.

2. We plan to eat at Liyana for Breakfast. But that is so inappropriate. We got a better idea, We eat at Cikgu Suhardi house, at 6 o'clock in the morning (belum lagi ya bangun kali). Hey, the good thing is he live close-by, No wasting oil there.

3. I dreamed of Zeerah in my sleep, last night. Nothing happen in there. It's just that I dreamed of her as my maid, and she cook me pizza. I blame Arif for this cause he didn't order pizza. (I was f@#king HUNGRY, rif, Seriously f@#king HUNGRY!).

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blog no.8: If a rainforest has a forest fire, does it put itself out?

IMAGINE THIS - (Told by Mirul and Ihsan)

I entered Sheraton hotel and walk towards the reception table. And to my surprise, I saw Ihsan standing behind the table (From my thought, he work as receptionist). “Hi Jeff” He said “How can I help you?”. Thinking that, this was some-kind of prank, I turn around and avoid him. Then, I saw Arif beside me. He wearing cleaner uniform and holding a broom on the right hand and a duster on the other. “This can’t be happening!?!” I shout in loud tone.

On the corner, I saw Mirul serving drink to the hotel guest. When he notice I was in the hotel, He wave to me with his right hand and shout “Makan di mana?” “Makan di mulut!!!!”.

“Ah kenapa ni!?!”. That voice, it sounds familiar. I turn my head to my left, and saw Rush wearing manager tux. He looks very serious (like he always do). “Antam kau karang boi” he continue.

In my thoughts, this whole thing felt like a nightmare. I ran out of that hotel as fast as I could. Once I reach outside, I trip and fell. I tried to pull myself up but then I witness the “two brothers”, standing on the street. From the the overall suit they wore, they must be working as Road driller. And beside them, I saw “Miss Fluffy” hold an umbrella, shade herself from the sun. “Huh?” I wondered “She must be waiting from them to finish or something”.

And then, a tourist bus stops a distant away from me. I quickly entered the bus. Shock to my very core, I saw a "Katak" seating in the driver seat that is in front of me. “Aku jua punya tu si kibam tambam ah” She says.
(That’s all folks)

Inside the mind of Jeff (location: At home)
It’s a new day, a new beginning. I am now back as the way I am before. It’s time to start over again. I like to thank my friends for supporting me and being there for me through bad times and emotional time. Because of you guys (and girls), I would not be the way I am now. I learned to let go of everything that I can’t change, accept it and move on. I may lose a friend but I gain new ones and treasure the old. Year after year, I experience new challenges. This year, it is sometime I can’t handle and I almost breakdown and lose control of myself. What’s even more difficult is recovering from it. We all have to learn to face these challenges or else, what is there to improve in you?

What lesson learned this year?
1) Never go to close with your best friend
2) Never be depend on one single person in college (or anyway else)
3) Never put your all your trust (or even care too much) on one person.

One day I will look back and laugh. And I will say “Never again! This will happen to me, Never again!”

“Our life course determines on how we handle challenging situations”
By Geoffrey Banggon

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Blog no.7: Cuz widdout edukasion, Your Nuttin’

1. Mr.j (Chinese friend) finally got a job as a receptionist. Congratulation! His monthly salary is between $400 to $500. See! This is why lots of Bruneian can’t get a job. My friend here, have a High National Diploma, would like to work for 500 dollar a month job. While Bruneians here are being so PICKY choosing a job which they can earn the most. You know what I’m gonna do? I gonna get my National Diploma next year and then……..Work as Orang Cuci Lokang. That shows you how different I am from the rest you people.
2. Josh is here till August. Finally, a Pilipino to hang out with. I haven’t done that since that fat bastard (A.K.A JuanD) left to Sabah, two years ago. What I heard from josh is that he dated two dusun girls lately. So he make fun of my race in high school and then he got two dusun girlfriend in college. From here, I learn KARMA is Bullshit. Start from tomorrow I going to do the same thing. I going to make fun of Chinese for the whole semester, and when I enter to UBD, there will be two Chinese chicks waiting for my…..AHEM! “services”. Just hope I don’t get Expel for doing this in college now.
3. Jonan (my Chinese cousin) is back from Singapore. I got nothing to say here but……………HE SCORED!!!!

Thousands of my potential babies die on your face, last night.
By Joshua.

Life is anything that dies when you stump on it.


Jeff: oh my god! This condom vibrates!
Rush: Ah kenapa? Ada Missed Call?

Ihsan: Siapa order Nasi Katuk Ayam?
Rif: Aku AYAM!
Mirul: Kau ayam!?! Wah basar jua ayam ani......

Sunday, 17 May 2009

It’s a good thing we have gravity, or else when birds died, they’d just say right up there.

What’s Happening!?!
1. Good news! Zeerah finally learned to finish her food, Okay the bad news is, There is no left-over food for me to eat (Damn I miss the old Zeerah).
2. London Kebab is AWESOME! Awesome to the Max!!!!! Except the service Suck……I have to buy a drink at some Kedai Kaling………..And for Tissue, I have to go all the way to Kedai Cina for that stuff, Nah I’m just kidding.
3. I watched Kung Pow for 8 times……..My mission now is to beat my EuroTrip record……….Which I watched 17 times. YES SEVENTEEN TIMES……Now I just relies that I need a HOBBY (or a LIFE).
4. C.S.M and I.S is our last exam. After that, We got NOTHING!!! Absolute Nothing! June is gonna be one boring month…….I wish we got assignment to do.
5. Who’s up for Camping!?! We haven’t decide where to do it. Why couldn’t we use Rush idea? Camp inside the mall on 28th may while waiting to get in the Cineplex Theater to watch TERMINATOR 4. Nice Rite!?!
6. Arif blanja us (me, mirul, ihsan, zeerah and amal) at escapade. The whole thing cost about $88. Yes, my friend, Arif spend about EIGHTY-EIGHT DOLLARS!!! Next, I predict Arif blanja us at CheezBox and spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!! Okay my prediction sucks!

Mirul: I came from ILM.
Rif: Why?
Mirul: Because ILM stands for ” I LOVE MIRUL”, so far all boys FAILED.

Inside the mind of Jeff – {Location: In class)
Everyone should have a time of their life. Laughing, joking or even singing, we need have fun once in a while with our closes friends. It doesn’t matter who they are or where we are. All its matter is what we do that beings us and our friends together. Friendship is something to cherish in our life, nothing more, nothing less.